Protect Your Online Privacy – or Pay the Price!

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Many people these days imagine they are rather careful in what they put online about themselves, but in actual fact they could be making a huge mistake, which hackers and scammers could take advantage of in a heartbeat if they had a mind to. Technology journalist Alistair Fairweather, of the South African Mail & Guardian, […]

Internet Security and Safety for Ordinary People

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One of the persistent myths about the internet is that protecting yourself online involves using complicated technology that is not understandable to the typical, everyday user. In other words, there’s a perception that, unless you are a geek with advanced skills, you might as well forget the issue of internet safety. In actual fact, there […]

PureVPN Rolls Out Update to Fix Stability Issues


Following complaints from users that they were experiencing massive stability issues and frequent program crashes, PureVPN has moved fast and released a new updated version of its current Windows Dialer. Bugs and problems could drive customers away The updated 3.1 VPN dialer for Windows is PureVPN’s bid to keep its customer base sweet. With competition […]

The Quest for Online Privacy

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With online privacy such a hot potato round about now, it is worth remembering Convention 108, which was agreed back in 1981. This was the first ever treaty to address the issues of data protection and privacy, and it is commemorated annually (on 28 January) on so-called “Data Privacy Day”. At the same time every […]

StrongVPN Expands U.S. Server Network


StrongVPN has announced that it is strengthening its network in the United States by bringing three new servers on-stream with immediate effect. The new servers are located in two major cities: Washington, D.C. (two new servers – one OPENVPN and one PPTP/SSTP/L2TP) and Miami (a PPTP/SSTP/L2TP type server). StrongVPN advised its users that the brand […]

Now Kindle Fire Users Get the VPN Benefits of Hotspot Shield

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One of the world’s front-runners in online freedom, security, and consumer privacy has just announced that its VPN software – Hotspot Shield – will henceforth support Amazon’s Kindle Fire platform. That means users of the Amazon device can join owners of iPads and iPhones in getting the benefits of what is widely considered the top […]

HideMyAss Offers Key to Watching Sochi Olympic Action

Right now, events at the Winter Olympics in Russia are unfolding at a breathtaking pace. If you are a fan of the thrills and spills of winter sports, you can bet that there’ll be something going on at the Sochi Games to interest you, but you only have until February 23, when the Games come […]

VPNs Beat Territorial Restrictions on Sochi Games Coverage

Unless you have been living underneath a boulder, it cannot have escaped your notice that the Winter Olympics are now in full swing in Sochi. This is a dream come true for sports fans, but sadly it can be difficult to gain access to TV coverage of the Games if you don’t reside inside the […]

PureVPN Unveils Sparkling New Version of Windows App


PureVPN has announced the release of a new version of its VPN app for Microsoft Windows. The company says the latest version features a major redesign, and that many of the improvements and new functions have been provided in response to the comments and/or suggestions received from its customers. According to PureVPN, the latest version […]

IPVanish Warns of Sochi Hacking Hazard

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Tip top VPN provider IPVanish is warning visitors to the Sochi Winter Olympics that they face a raft of hazards if they venture online while they are in Russia. The bottom line, according to the company, is that anyone who knows the risks but logs on to the internet in Sochi without using a VPN […]